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Emily D. Bahm is a business that specializes in stage management for musical theatre, plays, and plays with music. Our stage management style brings forth a nurturing but also go getter attitude blending to make a rehearsal process to opening night a seamless transition. We pride ourselves in our intentional approaches to create a productive and creative environment. Above all else, the most important thing to us is the unique and personal relationships we hold with our team. 


“We tell ourselves stories in order to live” Joan Didion; this sentiment is at the very core of our company. While our main focus in delivering this message to our customers is by being apart of the production process, we also aim to work in social justice oriented theatre, and with companies who serve to underprivileged arts programs. Additionally, we recycle and use almost all recycled paper in our printing to bring attention to being more environmentally conscious in the theatre industry. 


Emily wants to grow with and beyond the ever-expanding theatre world. Our stage management style breaks through the mold of what the general public now expects in technical theatre. Our producers, directors, and fellow stage managers will want to work with us again due to our unique blend of nurture, go getting attitude, and deep passion for your project. 

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